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Executive Assistant

Ref #: O24356

Back Office
Hospitality, Insurance
Monthly Salary:
HK$ 45,000 - 48,000


  • Born and raised in Hong Kong. Migrated to Canada at age of 20s.
  • Diversity executive assistant exposure in HK, Shanghai, India and Canada
  • Stationed and setup a new business in Shanghai for 6 years
  • Solid experience in serving CEO, Chief Executive, Chairman and Director level with nationalities such as German, American, Indian, Canadian French, British Malaysian and Taiwanese etc


Presentable, high EQ, result-oriented, helpful, pleasant with very good presentation & interpersonal skills.


Fluent in English, Mandarin, Shanghainese, Fukenese & Cantonese.

The above talent is ready to open up for new challenge, if you were interested to get to know more this talent, please feel free to email us with the reference no. and our consultant will contact you to discuss further: